The chinese civilization is blessed with a very rich culture of wisdom –

Especially Buddhist, confucian and daoist philosophy.

Great saints and sages have arisen throughout the 5000 years of recorded Chinese history. They left us with blessings and teachings that represent the core of Buddhist, Confucian and Daoist philosophy in China.

The purpose of this site is to share some of the teachings from  the masters of Buddhist, confucian and daoist philosophy, so we can integrate their wisdom into our modern life for the upliftment and fulfillment of all.

About LI Siming:

LI Siming (Derek) is a spiritual teacher specializing in Daoist philosophy and non-duality. He has held lectures in Confucius, Daoist and Buddhist philosophy in the US, Hong Kong, and China. He is currently residing in Hong Kong, working full time as a transportation planner/engineer, and teaching part time as a Chinese philosophy, qigong and meditation teacher.

Derek started his spiritual pursuit at college. Apart from academic exposure in eastern and western philosophy, he trained himself in a variety of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines, including Shaolin Kungfu, Taichi, Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Judo,

Yoga, Energy Healing, Zen Meditation, Self Enquiry, and Devotional Nonduality.

Derek is fluent in English and Chinese, He attained a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), worked as a researcher and engineer in the US, and as planner and police inspector in Hong Kong. He is married with a son, and he strives to live his life as a transcended yet normal person in the world.

Derek Li Si Ming

Derek Li Si Ming


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Kenneth Ichihara, Saipan Island, US

Kenneth Ichihara, Saipan Island, US

Derek was the right teacher at the right time for me.  He did his job as a teacher by guiding and pointing me in the right direction.  Due to the special nature of our sessions, Derek did not expound on the teachings (Dao De Jing, Qing Jing Jing, etc.) as much as he would have liked to.  Instead, he used his knowledge and wisdom to answer my questions and explained how to integrate some of the teachings into my life.  I was especially amazed at Derek's flexibility and patience, which made my experience very much enjoyable.  In the end, I can go home and practice what I have discovered from my time with Derek.

Kenneth Ichihara
Saipan Island, US

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